Lemonade Out of My Lemon

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

Life has me in sort of a lemon situation right now.  In what sense?  In the artistic sense, in that I don’t have a space where I can really let loose with my vocals etc.. as an artist.

Here is my lemon situation at present, but which I am believing for and working towards changing.  I live in a coop with my 92 year old mom, and the only time I can really record is when she goes to sleep, which is sometimes not until after midnight.  Then I really don’t have full range of voice because I don’t want to wake her.  Being on SSDI, I can’t go out and rent studio space, as the gluten food cost alone if anyone has to eat gluten free is, ay ay ay, so this is a lemon.  I could fold it up, give up etc.. not record anything, that includes any of the coaching material, nothing, could just give up and fold.  That would be admitting defeat and no way is that happening, so what do I do?  Until the Lord shifts thing around, until donations come in so I can rent even an office with office links, a back office in the corner that would allow me to really sing and do my thing, something, and update my equipment, plan B.  What is plan B?  

That is working on prayer and spoken word projects, and recording when I can.  As I do that and be grateful for that, I am sure that the Lord will bring me what is necessary to expand, to have the funds for all the rest.  However, if I focus on not having the space to do the singing etc.., I will likely not do anything at all.  I am determined to do both, but, right now I only have the privacy to do anything for a short time and not really full privacy, so I have to turn that lemon into lemonade as best I can.  This is how I will do it. I am at peace with it, which is most important of all.