Lesson 13 and 14

45 life Lessons



Lesson 13, that one I can say for certain is a life lesson.  Relationships that are sacred, beautiful, truly honorable etc.. don’t need to be hidden whether friendship, romantic ones, business relationships.  Relationships that need to be hidden, that cause you, others pain, are not healthy, so why would you even seek them, or put yourself in that position.   Secret relationships cause pain, cause havoc, are almost never to anyone’s good.  If you can’t proudly publicly show that relationship to the world, then why the heck are you in it?  Lesson 14, love this one, a good one. If all you are doing is sitting around, lying around having a pity party, then all you are doing is dying, you are not living , you are are not alive.  If  all you are doing is moaning and bitching about what life, what your country, what everyone owes you, you are not living, you are dying.  No one owes you anything, even your parents at a certain age, owe you nothing except love and respect, but anything beyond that is given purely out of love, should be, but never because you make them feel they owe you, they don’t.  Your country, all it owes you, or me is basic safety, liberty etc. according to the Constitution and secure borders. It doesn’t owe free stuff, free education, doesn’t owe us anything.  We can go through life having pity parties, that never end, slowly dying, or we can understand that life is about living, not what anyone owes us, and live, actually live.  That’s a choice, so what will be our choice? 

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Shalom and Amen