Lessons 15 and 16

45 life Lessons

A lot of our anxieties and I can attest to this come from the what if, and what catastrophes we imagine can happen in the future etc..We can become so focused on that, on imagining the worst, we get stuck, we can’t think, can’t move etc…, it’s a mess.  That fear of the future, of what could go wrong in the future can be a real problem and cause us to make stupid moves that create even bigger problems.  Cultivating being aware, in the moment, in the now, present today can help a great deal and that is something I am working on, need to work on cultivating more of.  If we can’t we present in the now, we won’t be able to think straight and resolve what needs to be resolved.  Writing, well even if you keep a journal to start with, if you love to write, feel the call to write, start with a daily journal or well thought out, wise responses on social media, start with that and build from there, go on your favorite blogs, respond to posts that really catch your attention. Write, write, write. Do what you love!  Shalom and Amen