Letting Go, What I Am Learning



Letting Go, Doesn’t Mean I Walk Away

Amazing connections teach something every day and the one in my life is no exception.  This connection like my journey as an artist, God is doing his best to teach me to “Let Go, Trust and Let Go”  What does that mean for me and my life?

I hadn’t realized the difference between letting and walking away, but there is a different that though subtle is profound.  Not to say it’s easy to do, but I am learning.  Walking  Away means I slam and bolt the door shut, and I give up,  just give up.   The reason may be that it is too hard to discern why this came into my life in the first place, or that it’s just too hard to make the journey to get to the finish line, so I just walk away, I slam and bolt the door shut.   That’s not letting go, releasing to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, being willing to discern and not completely discern and trust that it will work out for good in the end.  What does that mean for me in regards to a particular connection that I still am completely amazed by as an intuitive etc… and may always be amazed by and as to the reason it came to be and for me as an artist?

In this amazing connection, so deep I can sense their angst, pain etc… it means a few things.  It means I share openly, so their heart opens more and more, the glass surrounding it shatters, and as their heart opens I feel it also, and it’s amazing.  I literally feel it in my body, in my heart, physically, in every way, and it blows me away.  It means trusting the journey this connection is on and where it is might just culminate, where my heart, spirit, soul, word of knowledge etc… all tell me it might just end up.  It means loving them, praying for them and letting them know that I know what’s what and I am there for them, even if they need time on their own and not with me right now to sort stuff out.  I have to trust that and to be okay that when it’s time to let me in to be of comfort etc..in their time of need for what they are going through they will let me in all the way.  It means I let myself be raw and hurt, to go through, as an intuitive, an artist and a sensitive a gamut of emotions day to day, not sure what gamut that day will bring connected to them and pour it all into my art and into spiritual reflection and prayer.   It means trusting that when they say they love me and want me to feel safe and create a life of safe, stable etc… for us, they mean it and to give them the context etc… emotionally, spiritually, intuitively and with truths that also have to be told, for that to happen, with Agape Love.  That’s what I am learning “Letting Go” means to me.  

As for the arts, it’s along those same lines.  I have general goals and also Word of Knowledge that the Lord has given me and gives me.  Then comes the discernment part and how to have it all come to fruition and trusting that if I just do what I should do day to day and meditate, live prayerfully, wisely, a Biblical Worldview, and listen to the Holy Spirit day to day, do what I am inspired to do it will all come together as it should.  Do I have a general plan, general goals is that good? Yes.  Do I promote my projects within a budget I can afford and all that? Yes  However, what I”Let Go” of is how the outcome should be of any of it.  That’s where the letting go comes in.  I let go of how and when publicity should come in, when and what interviews should come in.  I instinctively send the press release to the sources I feel I ought to, do a follow up email all that,  but let the Lord to the rest.  That’s where the “Letting Go” comes in.  

This has not been easy for me to do and I am not there 100%, and it is a journey to have this be a way of life this “Letting Go”, but it is a journey worth making.

Shalom and Amen