Life and Trees, Huh?

Jessee Tree.jpg

Trees are pretty darn amazing if you think about it. The roots, the trunk, the rings, the branches, leaves, and even fruit that grows on it, flowers, pretty amazing.  Trees are also a great metaphor for life and faith life if you think about it, and apply it to living.  How, well let’s explore that.

The trunk, the trunk is strong, rooted deep in the ground firm, and goes deep, quite deep and could be seen as the unconscious self, the part that hold much of our hidden memories, even suppressed anxieties etc…, also that innate search for something, that intangible something we can’t quite discern what it is we are looking for, that all encompassing love that we can’t quite define, that tugging at the conscience even when society says yeah do what you want, but deep down we know better.   It’s the storage area of all the memories and lessons hopefully wisely learned in our lives, the place where God was able to touch us, make an impact initially.  Then you have the branches and leaves that tell of all the external stories in our lives, all the fruits we have born, have created, the arms extended, what we have carried, the storms we have weathered, the rings tell of the years gone by.  Carvings can tell of who and what has visited us, left their mark on us literally.  

If I am going to be a tree, what kind of tree do I want to be?  What kind of roots do I want to plant what kind of fruit do I want to produce? These are all important questions as I journey through the second part of my life being at the slightly over 50 mark age wise.  I need to determine this and then make it happen with the Lord’s help, be a fruitful Tree of Jesse, one that produces good fruit, not only for myself, but also for others.