Life Coaching By Donation

Lots of people would like to have life coaching, but it can be expensive, so here is what I have decided to do.  I hope if it helps you, you will support the blog and the investment in the cost of producing etc.. the material, though I do so on Fiverr and it is a fraction of the cost of what it would cost otherwise, any support would be appreciated:  My goal is to organize it as follows 

  • Offer weekly Guided Meditation and Coaching  
  • Some will be straight out Meditation to cease specific habits, or general patterns,. while others will be more focused a specific topic or questions for you to address and perhaps deal with.
  • Others I will take a Biblical approach, use a passage from the Bible to work with, or a section and have that be the centerpiece of the meditation
  • I will also take Psalms and expand them into songs and then ask you questions to reflect on

I will take different approaches and hope that this will be a blessing to you.  I really do hope you will support this blog.  

Thank You