Life, Creative Partner, BFF

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

When I think of a partner, I think of someone who will see me as his equal and who I will see as my equal.  What does that mean?  

Doesn’t mean what crap modern feminists today mean as equal.  I have enough sense to understand that if God wanted me to be a guy I would have been born a guy, so I am not going to try and in any way show out of some warped sense of ego I am better than men or take revenge on the male species for “years of oppression” crap over my gender stuff.  When I think of an equal partner, this is what I mean.  

I mean a man who shares the faith  and culture of my ancestors and that I grew up with perhaps, a man who shares my creative dreams and path.  It would be someone I can share these kinds of projects and activities with on a day to day basis, with whom I could share a similar spiritual life with.  We would create, write, produce, record together. even perform together. There would be mutual encouragement, support, appreciation of each other’s  gifts, talents, hopes, dreams so on and so forth.  We would be compliment and synergy, also share similar worldview.  Though we would care about each other deeply, we would also be able to give each other space to do stuff individually.  There would be a great balance of unity and individuality.  We will be best friends, the basis for any important long term relationship, able to share anything, also be understanding if there are things that we don’t share right away with each other, but might share with someone of the same sex only or first, or bounce off another friend first.  This is what I envision in a life partnership, which I hope God will grant to my life.  This is true feminism, it’s appreciating men for being men, and men appreciating us for being women, and each relationship, friendship appreciating itself for what it is. I pray this gift the Lord grants me in life, a most precious gift.