Life Is a Train

I watched the Memorial Day Concert on PBS, as I do every year, and my dad was wounded in the Pacific and he was never quite the same. Each time I watch it I cray, I get up when certain songs are sung, when the navy song is sung at the end, heart on my hand.  Last night,  I thought about the people in may life, family who have passed on and others who are not longer in my life for different reasons, and those who are still part of it, I thought about all of that and more.  I thought about my life where it had been, where is it, how much the Fibromyalgia had in a sense created a prison for me with different issues that arise from it, in connection to it.  This poem when I came across it today, seemed appropriate.  Life is like a moving train and it will move forward, as will nature, and the weather will be the weather, which these days is like the times of Noah, for obvious reasons.  We have to know what to hold on to, what to let go of etc…  This is why I find meditation and prayer important because in the still calm voice within, some kind of direction comes with my connecting to the Creator, that realm.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen