Life Lesson 18 and 19

45 life Lessons

Achieving dreams and goals may seem to come easily for some and for some of us seems to take longer, may seem to be lots of junk to sort through, that’s not good or bad per se, it just is.   For some of us when Holy Spirit, the Shekainah places something in our hearts as a child, even as a teen, the assumption is that means we are means to realize it right away or even within a few years, or in a particular way, but that is not the case, and if I had understand that and pursued the arts, Jewish arts and Messianic Jewish studies, Rabbinic path in that years ago I could have saved myself a long and winding road, even be a lot healthier as I would have fulfilled my calling, not taken such a beating on so many levels, made different choices in life.  I took the first glitch in my path of ministry and pull towards Judaism as NO and that was a mistake, as long as the calling is not to anyone’s harm, particularly not our harm, and you truly pray for discernment and to be given right mentorship.  This might be an odd one, but even on a symbolic level, if  we are obsessed with how, when etc.. it has to happen and it has to be our way, not God’s way etc… we will stumble and fall over and over again, we will met wall after wall.  If we have a stubborn as hell, unbending, has to be our way,  I have learned the hard way that if I want to succeed, I need to have joy in what I do, joy in the journey, and allow God to really prepare me, while I am preparing I may have be doing something else.  I need to be discerning do when the time is the time for all to come together, I will be more than ready to seize hold and move forward full speed ahead.

Shalom and Amen