Life Lesson 24 and 25

45 life Lessons

When life throws us a curve ball, big or small, it hurts, it is frustrating, makes you wanna go “AHHHHHHH” and maybe if you are inclined to a victim mindset spiral into a full brown never ending cycle of kick yourself, why me etc… You could do that, could follow that pattern and we have all had those moments, but hopefully at some point you figure out that it’s not a healthy one long term, so how do you not stay in that pattern? You keep a journey maybe and you ask questions, like “Is there really no healthy alternative?  Is this going to really matter in five or ten years to my life, to those who truly love me?”  ask questions.  Let’s say the answer is “yes it will still impact me in five, ten, twenty years, well you still have choices.   How many people have made major detrimental life choices and then turned it all around, even became pastors who turn lives around and communities around?  Even when the answer to the questions is yes, doesn’t mean doom, doesn’t have to, this is why I love meditating and why I will be going to a buddhist center near me because I see how meditating alone benefits my clarity etc.., so even more so in group.  Does that mean I renounce my belief in Yeshua as my personal Rebbe, Massiach, and an important anchor in my life along with the Bible, no, but I will be looking and studying the Bible through the eyes of metaphysics and philosophy pretty much.  Whatever Fribromyalgia throws at me, there won’t be any screaming, any long term pity party or anything like that.  That’s my choice. 

Social media on the one hand is really a great tool for communicating and so much more, but on the other hand, everyone gets to openly throw eggs at ya, aim and shoot so to speak, so it also means you may find out exactly what people think of you, and it may not be what you expected, could be good or bad.  We can get so busy thinking about what others think of us, wanting their approval, that we don’t work on getting to where we are supposed to be, where we are truly meant to be, who we are truly meant to be.  We need to focus less on what others think and more on what legacy and impression we want to leave for future generations, for our children, grandchildren.  When I see the Left at these rallies with vulgar signs etc.. and their kids carrying those signs, I cringe.  Is that what legacy they are leaving their kids, is that who they truly are?  It really boggles my mind that they would do that to their children, teach that to their children.  They shouldn’t not do things because of what anyone will say, but whatever actions you take, your behavior, has consequences and leaves a legacy, so what will yours be?  What will mine be? Something to ponder.