Life Lesson 26 and 27

45 life Lessons

We often are so preoccupied with what others think of us, are so desperate to belong that the Dark Side grabs us and we end up just being part of the herd, going along with what the crowd, group does, even when it is vile, harming to self and others, literally. What matters at the core is what we think of ourselves and what does objective spiritual and moral truth say about living life and how to live life?  That is what matters.  Others may mock you for following your calling, dreams, even for honoring all of that, and objective spiritual and moral truth, but that is their problem, not yours.  If they make it a problem, stand firm, don’t show fear, and if you have to walk away, do so smiling head held high.  Wen we think of healing, we think of wanting instant healing, of wanting things resolved now, in the moment, immediately.  Things don’t really work that way, even when we have strong faith that can bring us to forgiving, it may not be an instant thing.  It may take time, lots of spiritual meditating and praying, but it is possible to get there.  Give yourself and time time, give God and His angels time to work with you on the healing.  Allow yourself time to process, mourn grieve, be angry etc…to get to the healing.  It may happen more quickly for some than for others and for some things than for others.  No, one may never forget, but forgiving is necessary, not for the one who caused you the grief, but for you.  Unforgiveness is poison, and you don’t want that in your life or your body. 

Shalom and Amen