Life Lesson 38 and 39

45 life Lessons

People talk about a legacy, leaving a legacy for others, and they build monuments and think about the material aspect of a legacy, of fame and fortune aspect of a legacy or activism as their legacy, all of which have their merit when property motivated and stewarded etc..What do many of the scriptures and legends teach us about legacy and what matters? What would a lot of people tell you matters most at the end of their life? Some might think of the material, but many would say the most precious thing is the people they love and who loved them.  Love really is the greatest legacy we have.  We do have to be discerning in the love we share because love has to be shared in a way that is healthy for all, that empowers others, inspires others, creates a certain independence to want to explore their own talents, gifts, path and vocation, keeping in mind what the bible says about what love is.  Doesn’t mean no boundaries, no law, no. Love comes in many forms, even in the form of songs, poems shared, the love put into building homes for people so love can come in many ways.  To love and be loved is the greatest gift we have, the greatest legacy and should be wisely applied, discerned and understood. 

What legacy would we maybe not want to leave future generations? Envy is something I hope we would not leave current or future generations with.  Envy steals the soul of the ability to find one’s own path, one’s own joy, one’s own inner peace.  Envy says I am a scared child who has this empty hole in me and I think things will fill it, titles will fill it, so I envy. If you have kids or any young family members that are around you a lot, envy is a poison I would hope you would not want to pass on. Rather I would hope you would pass on much more attractive qualities. Not only for your sake but for everyone’s sake. 

Shalom and Amen