Life Lesson 7 and 8

45 life Lessons

When we laugh, when we cry, doing so alone can sometimes be necessary, but how cathartic is it when we cry with others who can truly understand and empathize with the pain etc.. we are experiencing.  Crying alone is not where the healing happens because at times we may not even realize why we are truly crying, what we are truly crying for.  If we are crying with others we can trust there with us, sharing that moment they can ask the right questions and help us to see what we are really crying about or for.  Sometimes when we are crying, we are crying for dreams we think lost, for the self we think never got the chance to be etc…, so sometimes if we can find others to cry with, who can help us see at times what we are truly crying about and for.  One of the things that is part of the human experience and I say this from personal experience is regret, and financial regret is one the things common to human experience.  I wish I had understood the importance of creating a solid financial future, and started putting funds aside, setting up for retirement in my 20’s.  If I had really had the sense of life is short, really understood that, I would have planned my life, vocational path to really engage in what was my true love and calling, ministry, now coaching, the arts a central part of the ministry.  I would have put funds aside each month and by now I would have a nice cushion.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking “I’ll have my pension, I’ll be fine” and let’s teach our youth the value of financial planning, not to ask what our country can do for them, but rather what they can do for the country and for themselves.  It’s time to shift what we are teaching our youth, and how we ourselves approach our finances.  Time to not only earn and enjoy life, but also understand that crating a great cushion for the future is an awesome thing.