Life Lessons 1 and 2

45 life Lessons

Kids say this all the time, it’s not fair, and guess what so do adults. Well, no life is not fair, even our President is fight for Fair Trade. Why because it has not been Fair and equal and what not for decades apparently.  Fair, perfect fairness would require perfect objective ethics, integrity, justice, mercy etc.. 24/7 and we are human beings, not a perfect God.  We are human beings battling as Paul said Princes and Principalities of the dark, even within our own self, battling our own ego, lusts etc.. Is life fair, perfectly fair no.  How then is it good? If you can look at what you do have, the fact that you are standing, living , breathing etc…if you can look at the half full glass, see the blessings you do have, how to turn what is not of light into light, then yes life is good, but that is up to you, up to me when I am faced with darkness, with that struggle of Ego etc…Life will have unfair moments and at times from all sides, a tsunami of unfair. It’s not the unfair that defines you, or the darkness or the struggle, but the faith, the navigation of the situation with faith, maturity, wisdom, understanding and discernment.  That is a choice you make, only you, only I can make.  This is why Jesus says to his disciples if you are not welcome in a place shake off the dust and move on.  Don’t be vengeful, try to get back at anyone for rejecting you or me by rejecting you.  That’s not to say that if you are attacked you should not defend yourself or make your case for being unjustly attacked.  That’s different.  The next life lesson is about doubt and small steps.  One of the things we might tend to do is go for the jugular, think okay well since I am not feeling totally confident let me just jump off the deep end and go for the jugular and che sera sera.  No, take small steps. Okay, so you get there a bit later, but that’s okay.  I am starting with live 30 minute online concert, there may not be more than a handful of people showing up, but that’s okay, it’s a start.  Maybe some of you will be there. Starting with a live show, renting space, doing a whole big thing, don’t need to do that.  I can start with small steps.  Same with the NLP coaching, start with Fiverr, with creating products, doing a group event, build on that. You don’t have to go big fast, go for jugular fast. The Disciples didn’t take shortcuts, neither did the Prophets, and God hasn’t, sent His Son to go through hell for us to be redeemed, and let’s face it wasn’t quick, took a while, a few thousand years and his return, he isn’t doing road runner or speedy gonzales. It’s all a precess.  If in any doubt take smaller steps to get to the big step, it’s okay to do that. No need to rush yourself, beat yourself up. Life is good when you have breath, life, and you can find blessings to count.

Shalom and Amen