Life Lessons 20 and 21

45 life Lessons

Should we be prepared, ready for whatever life throws at us? Should we be well prepared for that presentation etc…, for our job every day, all these things?  Yes, yes we should.  You can’t totally wing everything and there are things you have to go in and should go in prepared, especially if people are paying you good money, entrusting you with their kids, their property, information etc.. Once you have solid foundation of preparation, then you need to be able to let go and go with the flow, adjust if anything wonky happens. In life we need to be able to do both, prepare and also go with he flow, be a combo dish so to speak, and that doesn’t always come easily or naturally, but wit time and practice, it comes.  Often people wait till they are much older to express a creative side or pursue a healthy passion because they feel they have all these obligations, or they feel, what will people think of me studying salsa dancing or something not what our family does, doesn’t fit into our family.  Life being so short, not as long as we think it is, let’s not wait to enjoy even the little things, to let out that beautiful creative streak, that salsa beat within. Okay.