Life Lessons 22 and 23

45 life Lessons

When we think of chemistry, of attraction, we think of sexuality, but what about for the long term? The physical fades, and what happens when that physical spark is gone?  It takes more than satin sheets and a come hither look to keep a relationship going.  It takes things that you can do as a team, things that will excite the senses, multiple senses.  It means having great communication, and a few other key elements, such as being as one, but also an individual, a balancing thing.  The brain really is the most important sex organ, because the brain can receive intuitive information that can mean creating ongoing romance in the relationship, and shared stimulating activities outside the bedroom, that can lead to great moments in the bedroom.  Appreciate the brain as more than just that thing that helps with memorizing stuff and all that, it is more than that.  Happiness, hmmm, how many  have said “If so and so only loved me, I could be happy”  “If only so and so did this, I’d be forever happy”, get my drift.  We often in life look to someone to come and rescue us, to create happiness for us, peace for us, but that is not other people’s responsibility, though they can contribute to it, but it is our choices that determine happy or sad, peaceful or angry, bitterness or forgiveness.  Not someone else that will make us happy, not until we are happy with our own self, not until we have aligned our lives in ways that bring peace us.  As a person of faith I do believe that choices we make have consequences and so we must be wise in the choices we make, and when we are, things fall into place.  When we are not wise, then a bit of or a lot of chaos, inner and outer.  Happy is a choice we make each and every day of our lives.

Shalom and Amen