Life Simplified

There are those who chafe at the word “routine”, for them that word is a prison, really not something they want to have anything to do with, yet they want to be successful etc..  Most successful people have a routine, not written in stone and can be adjusted at times as needed.  They do have a series of habits they follow daily, regularly because it gives stability, discipline and such.  These are very important on some level for all aspects of our life and in our relationships.  Even creative persons have a routine, recording artists for example in the studio know there are a series of routines that are part of the recording experience.  Same with a chef, he may vary his dishes, but the process, routine to prepare a dish etc.. is not too varied.  Think of some helpful routine you can establish, whether it’s mediation before work for 10-15 minutes, whatever can be helpful to a productive day.  Time management, this is one people can be really lousy at, especially if they are juggling a few hats, work, family etc.., so it’s important to know what to say no to and when to say no, and how to prioritize on a daily basis, which can be part of the routine, what gets first attention of the day, what is important to your heart, spirit and soul. For someone with let’s say ADD, or such sticking to time management and routine can be a bit challenging, so having time without distractions to meditate daily might be important, finding ways to focus, discipline the focus and time management.  I will be doing posts on that in July perhaps.  I know I need to be better at both a disciplined routine and time management.  I am working on it and getting better.  I hope we can all find our way to a simplified life.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen