Love, Freedom and Home

Freedom and Home You FInd

One of the beautiful lessons that I hope comes with age is that you can’t make anyone love or like you, that my friends is futile.  Either you will be their cup of tea or you won’t and same goes with others, once you have had some time to know them.  Some people, well they just light up a room when they enter, have a really impacting personality more than others.  That’s okay. 

Love you come to realize, even the romantic kind on which you build a life long companionship, or that in families is a gift, never coerced, shouldn’t be and is never gained through deceit or anything like that.  Love that is truly love is given and received very naturally, very organically, no need to feel guilt about it, or coerced and it truly does feel heart, spirt and soul a place of safety, feels like home.  That’s been something I have to come to understand, love is a gift, the right person, right union etc… has to be one that is a free exchange of effort, time, energy etc… mutually and it mutually feels like home.  Otherwise, it’s not a pure and true love, not a healthy love or relationship.  Sometimes we do have to go through a few wrong ones or a long stretch of an unhealthy one in life to realize this, just the way it is.  Hopefully sooner rather than later we realize it and we see that love if not given freely, joyfully etc… is not love and if that relationship does not feel totally safe and like home, not a good one.  We tend to want the constant rush of excitement, and while I absolutely believe that a physical attraction matters, that having a great connection on different levels matters, again if the love can not mutually, is not mutually given fully, freely, it is a healthy love and it can not be home.  Home, true home safe, vibrant, joyful and warm is where we should all want to be.


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