Love and relationships is a theme of songs, plays etc…and we understand the chemical attraction stuff, scientifically.  However, what is the ultimate love, the one Paul speak of in Scripture, what’s that all about?  In a nutshell, it’s about not trying to mold another to be who you want them to be in every aspect, nor is it about fulfilling them according to what you want and want and want.  In  way it really should mutually be about awareness, discernment and understanding, knowing the other person on a heart, spirit and soul level.  Also, there should be an understanding of one’s own self, what makes one’s self tick.  As I look back on my life, this is the core lesson it took forever for me to learn, doesn’t mean I fully am in that space, but I have an awareness now of what Paul is talking about in scripture and what the core of loving another, of truly deeply loving another is about.  We can inspire each other and there is always room for personal growth and all that, but when we enter a relationship, we need to understand that the core authentic self of the person isn’t changing.  The core of me being a Passionate Conservative, Call is it as I see it, intuitive is never going to change, so anyone thinking that core is going to change, delusional.  For me for example I might have a hard time being with a Passionate, Die Hard Liberal Progressive in a relationship, so I need to know that about myself, so if life were to throw me a curve ball and I were in love with someone of that profile, I’d have to embrace them for that Core Self and all that comes with it, just as they would have to do  so with me. Navigating that, having that awareness would be key to the union working.  Save would be true if we were both Passionate Conservatives, since two people with a passionate belief etc.., even along the same lines would have to navigate all that passion.    Love is about navigating two ships, and doing so in synch.  I hope we can all find a way to get to that awareness etc.. and navigate the two ships in parallel, not collision course.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen