Love Means Also Chastise, Rebuke

Most PRecious Blood

I love it when progressives and those living certain lifestyles talk about how Jesus was all about love and how he forgave the woman, stopped her being stoned, he ate with sinners all that, yeah, ok, but…Yeah, there’s a crack in that whole philosophy of love is just let it all be whatever, whenever, however etc…Jesus, the apostles taught that it’s all just about love and forgiveness, it’s bunk.

A parent who has that attitude, what do think is going to happen with their kids, think Fleiss, Hollywood Madame, dad thought there should be no boundaries, kids should be equal to adults, no discipline, no boundaries nothing. Everything goes, just love and forgive it all.   Don’t question what your kids do or anyone in your life does or feels etc…, hey freedom, love, acceptance, right, all good, right? Do you seriously think that any parent with even a quarter of a brain and wisdom would think that a anything goes philosophy is a loving one, or a spouse who truly loves their partner would also have that attitude of not caring what the spouse does at any time?   What of Jesus, let’s see hmmm? Jesus said the woman should keep on sinning, the apostle who then became Mathew tax collector, he just kept stealing people blind right?  No, wait the opposite happened.  Jesus said that those of Sodom and Gomorra who had lived lives of perversion, no consequences to their souls right? No, wait not what he said.  Didn’t Jesus say marriage was whatever we felt it was, or ought to be based on “feelings, woo oooh feelings”?  Wait, no, he referred back to the Old Testament to define it and the rules for divorce etc… Paul thought socialism where you just get everything for free was just dandy, you just stood back and took and took and took was great, right? No wait, he did the opposite.  God can’t be a good parent if he doesn’t have clear rules, guidelines etc… for our actions, and clear consequences at some point in time for there to be consequences to those actions, for crossing boundaries he set for us, whatever our “feelings” swept up in the moment might be.  There are very clear boundaries etc… set forth that when violated must have consequence by natural law of cause and effect including second causality.  No parent in their right mind or spouse says “yeah sure okay, whatever love means anything goes anytime, anywhere, no boundaries nothing, just whatever, so long as you always have a smile plastered on your face.  Seriously, there would be something very wrong with that picture and it would be and already is a disaster for society.  

What is the job of The Church in all of this?  It is there, though the people may not be perfect, to make sure they convey those boundaries, those very clear, distinct, boundaries of the teachings of sacred scripture.  Whether we choose to honor that is an individual choice, but the job of the church and those in the church is have enough common sense, courage, and love to never compromise the truth of scripture, no matter what, to stand against government and all who would try to compromise that truth, stand strong in that truth, same with the members of the faith, not in a mean or cruel way, but firmly.  This is the true love society and all generations require of the Church and of us.