Love Never Really Dies


There are those relationships that take you to the brink emotionally and spiritually, test your mettle to the max mainly because they are so intense.  If you add other elements AYYY AYYY AYYYY

If you are an intuitive, a sensitive, it can be like being in a churner and being churned like butter, and in a blaze of fire simultaneously if you can imagine that.  When you have really not had much experience in terms of relationships, and one or two other tough factors to the mix, it’s really tough.  At the same time because it puts you through the fire, even inspires so much of your creativity, forces so much personal growth over time, it will stay with you forever, and will be a part of you somehow forever.  Granted while you were in it, it was heart and gut wrenching at the time, for you and for them because neither one was in any way prepared for it.  Initially there is lots of hurt, anger etc.., even at one’s self, which may not be easy to let go of.  However, I realized a while back that I had to and mainly the anger at myself for not handling things better, wiser etc…  I had for forgive myself because if you don’t first forgive yourself, you can’t forgive the other and you can’t move forward.  If at some point you were to have a second chance, having matured, you wouldn’t be able to grab that second chance due to you harboring lack of forgiveness for self and thus them.  There are moments when I find myself drawn to have to listen to this, compelled in spirit to do so and I have to conclude that this is because a particular connection from my past is thinking of me, hoping I don’t forget them, the love their was, even in the midst of all the craziness.   No, I will never forget them, and they will always hold a special place in my heart because that relationship or whatever it was really forced me to grow a lot, as did the fibromyalgia and I will always be grateful for that.  I will always remember them and with fondness for this reason.  I may not be fond of their ideology and certain things like that, but that’s a separate thing.  I truly do want them to be happy, truly, as do everyone I have a profound connection to, everyone.  I also welcome the new into my life, should it wish to come into my life.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.