Love, Not Perfect? Huh?

Love Isn't Perfect.jpg

We all see the movies, the TV Shows, have read the romance novels and yes those sparks flying at first sight and that continue at second, third, fourth, even fifth sight do exist.   When you tell someone a relationship takes work, it might scare them, but what does all this mean?  Think about anything you really care about long term, what do you do, whether it’s a talent, a vocation etc…, what do you do?  You take time to cultivate it, put energy into it, cherish, honor and respect it.  If you have a band, team you work with, well you figure out how to harmonize, synchronize.  The same goes with love, a relationship, even when sparks fly between you at first or fifth or even the 100th sight.  If one person has to maybe in the beginning make more an a logistics effort to be with the other, they do it.  If a bold move is required, bold not overly aggressive pounce dumb scare the person, then you go a bit bold, even if it’s a bit out of your conform zone.  Remember to honor, cherish the bond, even that spark, those fireworks that fly between you, make sure that there are sacred boundaries, that in all relationships the way it is approached and unfolds is something that is organic, yet at the same time there is that effort put forth to make it happen when you have meditated etc.. and truly have been given spiritual discernment heart, spirit and soul that that relationship, partnership has a green light.  Then forward and onward my friends whether a personal relationship or vocational one, and always with spiritual inner guidance and wisdom.   

Shalom and Amen