Love Yourself Enough, Don’t Drown

The Journey That is Life.

Amazing how much we tie ourselves to the approval of others in life, and to some extent it is understandable, same with achievement.  However….

There is a question to ask and that question is:  At what price?  If we are seeking allocates, approval, and achievement as a way to prove to those who did us wrong that we are good enough, worthy enough etc… or to prove that to ourselves, then we will run the risk of burning the midnight oil and burning the candle at both ends to the point of burning ourselves out and even drowning.  Love is a beautiful thing and loving others is beautiful, but if one does not love one’s self enough to not run around in circles, run away from life, burn the midnight oil and the candles at both ends, and get major decluttering going on in one’s life, then how can you be okay for anyone else.  You have to be present both in the moment and long term for key people in your life, including God and yourself.  That is hard to do if you are exhausting yourself either because you are trying to fill your time to run away from life, inner demons, problems, feelings whatever the reason, and have not focused your energies etc… on one specific avenue, thing and path.  Approval, recognition is nice, don’t get me wrong, but if one is running around like a chicken without a head to get that and if achievement of great things is an absolute need, and one is driving one’s self to exhaustion in that pursuit of that, then again I ask:  At what price?  If for example a producer drives his dancers etc… to rehearse 18 hours six days a week to the point of collapse that destroys them all and the show goes bankrupt, so how did that do anyone any good?  Life is a production, a theater play etc.. and we are the producers, directors and stars, which is a heavy load to begin with.  If we don’t keep things very focused, decluttered, a very clear vision present and future, we will find ourselves exhausted and a whole bunch of puzzle pieces scattered before us that make no sense whatsoever.  What do we do not to end up with all these scattered pieces?

You’ve heard the phrase and there was even a movie made with the title as I recall “Something’s Gotta Give”.  Well, something’s gotta give, gotta, go, and there has got to be priority and focus.  Some stuff one has to say bye, caio, adios, sayonara to.  To do that, one has to truly embrace one’s true path, and be willing to let go of other stuff, even some stuff dear to them, which is not easy.  We might feel we have an obligation, even attached to legacies we need to carry on, but we in the end but mortal beings and each of us is only one person, we can not shoulder the weight of the world, and a pie remember can only be cut into so many pieces before it crumbles and then no one gets any pie and everyone is left resentful because none got any pie.  At the end of the day the best achievement anyone of us can achieve in this life is to totally declutter on all levels including emotionally, vocationally in every way and pursue with our all that one path that is our truest path and passion.  If we are lucky enough to find  even one really kindred soul to walk that path with, then wow, life really is a bowl of sweet cherries.