Lush Gardens and Life

I love this picture, image, garden image.  Why? It is a picture of life, that’s why.  The path in the middle is that core self that really does know who we are, where are true joy is, who our true love is, that love that stands the test of time, stays in our heart forever, and so much more.  Then on each side you have these colors, flowers etc.., different varieties and if we were to encounter a larger garden perhaps even greater variety on either side of colors etc..In life these layers of feelings, emotions, the different people etc.. in our lives can help us to clarify and affirm our true and core self, in line with sacred truths, find a truly joyous life, not one of misery based on strictly duty and such factors, not that loyalty is necessarily a bad thing, but when it leads to you a prison of misery long term and feeling nothing but sadness, burden etc…, then it’s a problem.  Gardens can be vibrant, with clear paths, or just the opposite, dead landscapes, never truly nurtured, loved etc..  The same with relationships, it can be a lush and beautiful passionate, faithful, inspiring garden filled with color and love, or one full of weeds and such, miserable to contemplate, but which is tolerated.  Which garden are each of us living in and if it’s one full of weeds etc…what are we willing, constructively to do about it?  It may mean planting a whole new garden elsewhere as hard as it may be.  It is never too late and we are all deserving of a happy life, and lush garden.  As Spring arises, time of New Beginnings, which garden are we going to be living in for the foreseeable future?

Namaste, Shalom and Amen