Majesty, Sacred Again Revealed

Most PRecious Blood

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As I witnessed the Corpus Christi Mass and the participation for the first time of one of the Italian Societies of one of the saints of Sicily, it brought home the beauty, reverence and majesty of the faith.  No need to shout or get rowdy about God’s word, or in communicating it and a few realizations hit home.

We must honor the sacred etc… of the faith in every aspect, even the music, even when we seek to bring in anything secular, it must be in line with reverence etc… for the Great Commission, the mission of the Gospel, related to the beauty of the faith, teachings of the faith.  We mustn’t water down the faith to fit the world or the church to fit the secular, that is not love, that is not loving souls to do so.  It is not loving nations to say you must not have strict borders, strict sovereign control over your borders, and enforce them uniformly, consistently, wisely.  We must truly understand that when Jesus said we were to partake of his flesh etc.. we wasn’t whistling dixie folks, this was serious stuff.  The church understands as does God that all fall short of the glory of God, that doesn’t mean you don’t take responsibility for your actions, you do.  There is an understanding of Justice with mercy and all that.  There is a beautiful majesty that the church has of truth in its’ teachings, but it is not doing a good job in sharing that day to day with the world, the community, not doing a good job evangelizing, not doing a good job with apologetics. If those in key positions in the church do not see the amazing aspects of tradition of the sacred and of setting a solid foundation for all and to welcome all back to the church, then the church can not grow, the church started by Christ when he gave Peter the keys those thousands of years ago, which has such reverence for the Mass, order of the Mass etc… will not grow.  I also caution the church not to pander to illegal immigrants and all that jazz just to fill the pews, but rather to focus on being much better in creating traditional Mass, strong cultural identity of Catholic faith and strong bible study programs within the church, encouraging laity to become strong in their understanding of the Bible and the Catholic faith and to host bible studies on a weekly basis.  One thing I think that we Catholics have going is that we are not dooms day sayers, we don’t have an apocalyptic view of the bible, the future etc…, not in the way others do, other Christian groups do.  We have lots of hope and optimism to be found, that can be renewed and revived, if we can get back to our roots.  That is what I saw on Saturday at the Corpus Christi Mass.