Making It Happen


As I thought about how the Italian Culture in the area has dwindled and died out, and one of the churches that used to be a center of that has radically changed and no longer has that Italian core, I was saddened.  I thought how much I wanted the Italian culture, arts, language represented once again.  What do do?  

I could just sit around and be sad at the loss of it, or I could take hold of the situation and do something.  I put together a series of ideas, sponsors to potentially reach out to etc… and sent them to the person at the church who is  working on trying to revitalize the church and the culture.  I decided to take constructive action and think of how we could bring back the culture and make this church a hub of Italian culture and identity once again.  It won’t be something that happens overnight I realize that, but it will happen and when as the timing is right for it to happen.  I have to trust in that divine guidance, that still voice that will guide me through it all.  

I thought about my artistic path and realized I had to do something about that, take charge, so when a friend sent me info about an artist residency I jumped on it, signed up for the info session put together a portfolio and decided take charge.  I also have to realize that with the fibromyalgia I can’t over do, so I will have space things out and make sure I don’t push so hard I crash and crash and crash because then that will be of no use to anyone.  I am sure that with meditation, prayer and some discipline I can make certain I don’t push beyond what I should. Yet, I also realize I have to take charge of my life, my artistic path, etc… and one way will be getting an artist residency, and I am sure the Lord will bring forward other opportunities if that particular residency does not come through.  I am going to have to start to really get focused, find a way to have a space to record, to produce and get things in order to earn my daily bread doing what I love, the arts, writing.  

I also realize that I have to work with the Creator of all things, his realm to work out right timing, right everything, to really connect my heart, spirit and soul to that, so that I can be happy, have my bliss, lasting bliss using my gifts as meant to and for the greater good, as well as for my own joy of doing what I do.  I have to balance everything very well, listening to that still small voice and even that strong sudden gut feeling I might get that says to meditate on something, and it may not make sense at the time, but I do it.  Taking charge means also listening to that divine voice for right timing.