Measure Up. Up To What?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

For some reason the Holy Spirit is giving me this to share, write and I am learning, not to argue when that happens, so here goes.  Try to do it all, be it all etc.., scatter myself to the four corners, take on every endeavor under the sun, scatter myself into so many pieces and try to live up to everyone’s ideal and expectations and never say no because oh gee what if then they don’t like me or a I lose a friend, or a family member won’t talk to me because I am not bending over backwards to be all etc..? 

Sound familiar to anyone?  It might to some because human beings have this notion of measuring up to something, even to our own high to the high heavens expectations and wanting so much to be valued, loved etc… that we scatter ourselves to the four winds, take on everything, in the end left like this photo, total collapse, in very respect and none of our true dreams, potential fulfilled.  We might be so busy wanting to be liked, loved, measure up to even some ideal for God and our own self ideal of what we think we ought to be of perfection perhaps, and also trying to achieve a dream dear to our hearts, that we break ourselves up into so many pieces that then no one knows we are, we don’t even know who we are.  That serves no one, not us, not others, not even God.  What do we do, how do we stop this pattern and cycle?  Some core steps need to be taken:

  1.  Determine the path the Holy Spirit is truly leading you to, your truest vocation, passion and such
  2.  Declutter everything else as best you can to focus on that
  3. Cut toxic cords, patterns that block that path, figure out that
  4. Find people of like mind to help build you up in that path and walk that path with you
  5. Repeat 2 is crucial
  6. Have trust and faith that if that is your truest passion, truest love, then it is what you are meant for, and go for it, constructively with solid people who support you in that path, will partner with you in that path, but go for it
  7. Remember that the only real approval you need is that of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for your path

Is it easy as pie easy breezy, didn’t say that. If you have the courage to confront your “demons” declutter your heart, spirit, soul, life, and you find people who do support your journey and can also learn to say no, really focus on that truest love and passion in the area of vocation, then lots of peace and good stuff can happen.  Same with relationships.  Having a bunch of people in your life doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have key people, or key person to make the journey with that you are passionate about and can share it with you, with full support of that journey, that you can have a deep connection to on many levels including spiritual.    Declutter, detox, all that and then life can be quite ” vita bella”.