Melodies Of The Upper World

Melodies of The Upper World

As I watched this I loved the music, but also the visual and way things flowed the music, the visuals, the synergy of all of it and it reminded me of how far I have come as a person, as a child of Elohim, as IMAGO DEI, and even how I am changing as an artist, evolving.  

Before when I wrote it was mainly about putting my work out there, and figuring out how I was going to do well financially because that was what you were supposed to do get financial security, get secure, things were supposed to be fixed, a certain way.  Now, that has changed and that I have learned to let go, it’s about so much more.  It’s about sharing what is given through me from the creator with all of humanity, what I learn that can be of benefit to others in some way, hopefully, and just sharing what I observe of this great amazing creation of Elohim, capturing the essences of it all.  I am beginning to understand about seeing and feeling the music in ways I didn’t before, and having a sense of calm about my art, in my art, where it is all going, the direction it is taking.  

I am also understanding in having understood true spirituality that the only thing that is fixed and constant is Elohim, and the spirit self, the ultimate truth of IMAGO DEI.  That is the way it should be.  If we have IMAGO DEI and EDEN in regards to all choices, even our art always being  from that place of Divine Wisdom, never from EGO, always the Divine, the Greater Good, Nobility of All of Humanity, of Sanctity of Life, and Love that is Sacred, True Connected on the Deepest Level, especially that Man and Woman Love for all eternity and when it is without EGO, but the full package heart, body, mind and spirit, then it will be there forever at metaphysical levels that boggle the mind.

The same with one’s art.  There will be growth and synergy that are so sublime, so beautiful, it will come very naturally and everything you require you will know what to do, when to do it etc… and all will flow as it should.  If something is delayed, know it is for your greater good, don’t stress, don’t freak out,  just breathe, step back and re-group.  If we do not live of this world, clinging to the material, but to the higher world, we will be fine and in what we require and that is much more important than any “keeping up with the Jones’s” kind of crap we told we need to do, or any other vision we are given of how our careers, or vocation is supposed to be or go or anything like that.  

I am free because now I can love fully and in total tranquility, create etc… all without EGO, without what others say the outcome the plan is supposed to be, but I can still honor Elohim’s clear order of creation with great reverence as given in the Bible and with my art I can be in the Upper World of spirituality, but still playful and really authentically me.

Shalom and Amen