Memories, What To Do With The Gift


Each New Year brings the opportunity to create new memories and some of those will be beautiful, some might be sad, life is a mosaic.  It is a mosaic that encompasses many different life experiences.  What do you do with memories, especially the lousy ones, even the ones that are cause for regret?  

One thing you don’t do is beat yourself up with them, since that is counterproductive.  You can and should assimilate them in a way that is healthy, constructive and life learning.  Whether the experience was positive or not, it had something and has something to teach you, to show you etc…, but if you beat yourself up over the “could have, should have and what if”  Then you miss out on a lot of life learning and personal growth.  I hope that whatever the experiences in life, you don’t let them paralyze you or anything like that.  I hope you, I can move through them constructively and grow from them.