Mending A Relationship

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have had a series of dreams and intuitions that someone from my past is seeking to return and mend our friendship, relationship, whatever it was.  I guess I am torn. Why is that? 

On the one hand the fact that they still think of me, still care and want to repair the connection, is well “wow” and rare that someone cares about you for so long, even after all the relationship was like a roller coaster and considering you have different philosophies, worldviews.  On the one hand it is very sweet, touching and all that jazz.  It is a rare gift whether it is a friendship or any other type of relationship, so on that front I am very pleased that this individual should he have all loose ends sorted out be looking to heal the relationship and be part of my life.  There is a lot we could share including the Jewish faith path, love of teaching and I am sure other things we will find to enjoy together.  However and there is a however, what concerns me is any unresolved issues we have from the past and also our different worldviews.  He is very much a progressive, Elizabeth Warren fan whom I loathe for her Marxist Socialist “you didn’t build it” attitude that I would love to smack upside the the head for ten times over. Though a Jew, he rejects Israel, rejects Zionism, the right of Israel historically and in every way to exist, thrive etc.., while I support it.  He has gotten so caught up in the Islamic world that he throws Israel and his own under the bus and denies Israel’s right to exist as I see it, which is to me despicable.  His view of things creates a bit of conundrum for me.  One the one hand I do care about them still and they I think still care about me whatever that means to them.  In friendship, which has to be the basis for anything I think it is sweet that he still cares, wants to heal this connection, I do.  There is a small part of me that is concerned about his worldview clashing with mine, which is adamantly Zionist, and for any nation that of Very Limited Government, Pure Capitalist As Possible, Federalist Democratic Republic.  I would like to see a POTUS, Congress and Senate with the guts to smash and eradicate every Unconstitutional element of our society, including federal agencies, programs.  I would like to see states have most of the say in what goes on with their states, low taxes for all, and the private sector, faith community and communities have most of the responsibility on general welfare of the nation and the population, be innovative about it.  I doubt he has the same idea.  I also don’t believe in the climate change debacle.  The climate has been changing since the beginning of time and will do even when we are not here as the planet is a living thing with a mind of its’ own.  That is not to say we shouldn’t be responsible, but not with government interference left and right.  Again, I doubt he sees it the same way.   I am concerned about our differing viewpoints and how entrenched he became over the years in the Islamic, Middle East world academically etc… 

With this in mind how do we repair the connection, friendship and move forward?  There is only one way I can see forward, discussion.  We have to have a mature and honest discussion about how we feel, any concerns we have etc…, being totally honest with each other.  We have to not hold back, without being nasty, but we have to be honest with each other.  There is not other way I can see to heal the connection and to see if there is any way to move forward with the connection, friendship.  I would say that is true even for a new relationship to form, discussion is key, honest discussion. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen