Might Hurt, But….

Best Friend Won't Agree

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, your own kid, a true blue friend, Jesus loving us can mean and has to mean putting forward some harsh truths, truths we might not like, or want to hear.  Jesus  who was no teddy bear, contrary to what the very lost warped modern liberal social justice etc.. church would have us believe, told people stuff they didn’t like and they walked away because they couldn’t handle what he was dishing out.  He loved humanity enough, being the Word Made Flesh, to keep telling it.  That can also be the case in our own relationships with others, even sometimes with a spouse.  There can be things we need to get across, but they don’t want to hear it, not willing to hear it.  Friendship, authentic relationship means you don’t tell each other what you want to hear, but what needs to be told, which doesn’t mean you don’t stand by each other, are happy for each other and all that, but even Jesus, the apostles though they encouraged, were straight shooters and more than once dished out very honest tough love.  Like I said people didn’t necessarily want it, like it, appreciate it, and yes they lost friends, family etc.. because of it, but they still told it.  Not saying be nasty about it, but if the Lord really does stir in you to tell a truth, to convey a truth, it is in line with the scriptures, then you need to find a way to convey it.  It may not sit well, but if you care then you will care enough to honor that and care enough about the person also to share what the Lord wants to be shared.