Mind and Body, Really?

mind body spirit diagram

One of the things missing from medicine, conventional Western medicine is the understanding of how important this connection is. Spirit, can be meditation, gratitude attitude, but Western medicine tends to focus on the physical symptom, but not look at what role the spiritual and mental state of the person is playing and how to provide holistic care to address the entire person.  That’s why I’ve decided that I need to move in that direction myself.  How will I do that? 

I will start by presenting two possible wellness plans to my doctor next week and see which one she feels is best to implement.  One thing I want to do is ease off pharmaceuticals for most of my health issues and move to natural products such as Bioflex, CoQ10, natural allergy remedy.  I also plan on joining a meditation and healing circle that meets regularly a block away from my house. Once I have detoxed my body from a number of the pharmaceuticals, I will go for massage therapy for a time, then add acupuncture perhaps then yoga, continuing with the meditation of course.  I realize that if I don’t get the spirit and soul in a really good place, the body can’t get their either, neither can my vocational path or my finances.  It’s all tied together, so I need to get a wellness plan neither will my finances.  I need to be in good shape on all fronts and that means taking responsibility for my life, my health, wellness heart, body, spirit, and soul.  It means creating a happy life, a joyful life, a healthy one, while still maintaining my relationship with my faith strong.  I know I can do it, just have to focus and do it. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Check out my latest poem, holiday poem on SoundCloud.  https://soundcloud.com/kathy-appello/youandmefireside-mdbmastered-high?fbclid=IwAR3WipnrRb-flwmd8spoEqrehrov2E8n_j0-5FhJt_FcupQT8vJzchzhYb0