Mirror, Mirror, What’s Yours?

The Journey That is Life.

Each of us has mirrors we look into in our lives that shape who we are and how we see ourselves, some of those mirrors build us up, some tear us down.  We can’t control all that we see reflected in our mirror of inner awareness and general of awareness.  The question then is this. How much control do we have in terms of our image of self, positive, without being narcissistic? Quite a bit when properly harnessed.  

There are circumstances that can batter your self esteem, even verbal whiplash from others than can really sucker punch you and make you doubt your worth.  When you are young, especially a child, even a young teen, you may not have anyone to teach you differently, to change the programming and imagery.  You may not even understand how the mirror you are looking into is distorted, not an accurate reflection of the wonderful gifted creation you are and have the potential to be.  That is not arrogance, to have confidence, to know your gifts, understand your gifts, to have those who believe in you beyond what you even see the potential in you to be, to embrace that with gratitude and recognition, in a healthy way, not narcissistic unhealthy way.  For the mirror to be a mirror of positive reflection for any of us, we have to be like the snake that sheds its’ skin.  In our case, we have to shed the skin of the negative view of self, of who we think we are, of who we might have been told we are in any negative way, to see our gifts etc… and if there is anything we can change to be a better person, then it has to be from within that we ourselves truly know has to be changed, not because others say it.  It has to be because we have seen an accurate mirror of who we are, have the potential to be and have confidence, faith to be that person, wonderful talents, gifts, even ego that we have to discipline and all.  We also have to not fear approaching our dreams, people we want to get to know etc…because of a less than positive view we might have of self predicated on past circumstances, and a mirror looked through that perhaps as not truly authentic to who we are.  

This is where contemplation, meditation and “prayer” are a great tool as are books like the Bible with very important archetypes.  For me Jewish theology and philosophy has been very important in understanding things, certain songs have also made me to reflect.  It has been a long road to get to where I can see into the mirror without any distortion put upon by anyone else.  That mirror, that authentic view gets sharper and sharper with time.  I pretty much have an authentic mirror and know I am responsible for my life being what it is or isn’t and I am a gift to this world and I don’t mean that in arrogance, but in gratitude, gratitude that I can share what I do and inspire etc… others.  A beautiful thing.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen