Mom, Powerful, Complicated?

Ideally, yes and for a lot of people, this word and this holiday, whether parent or grandparent is a beautiful word, this holiday is a beautiful holiday.  For some, the word is loaded, loaded with painful memories.  For those who have older parents whose memory is fading or worse, it’s a mixed bag.  What if there is no land of Oz in regards to mom or grandma?  Well, you can stew in bitterness, hatred, years you maybe lost to that and didn’t build a life, or if you are young, have that be your fate, it really is a choice.  For me as a Christian what helps me with these situations is the Word, prayer, meditation, the artistic.  Maybe be grateful you were given life by that person, even if it has been a challenging one.  Give gratitude however you can for the fact that you were given life by that person and because of their mother giving life to them, you are here, and any struggles you had, have, if navigated rightly, with ethics etc…wil build your character, make you stronger.  Whatever the situation, give thanks, even if it’s the fact that you were able to break free of a parent that has destructive patterns.   Maybe your mother or grandmother figures were not biological, but doesn’t them any less loved does it?  Mother, grandmother can come in different forms, and if for you it was a mentor who was like a mom or grandmother, then celebrate them.  Whatever you do, do not let life and this day be ruled by bitterness, biblical truths, no matter how hard to swallow, yes, bitterness no.

Shalom and Amen