Moving On, Letting Go

Moving On I.jpg

The Lord prompted me to share this with you.  Can we love someone with all our heart, but yet have to let go?  Yes, absolutely.  Relationships of any kind, even with friends and family can be complex and as we enter a new year, we can do an inventory of relationships.  There are those relationships that for any number of reasons, including immaturity of the person/s, very different worldviews that can’t be reconciled, or lack love, the love has dried up and it is painful to share a space, a life with that person, may need to be released.  That doesn’t mean in some cases that you don’t care about them, that they won’t always hold a special place in your heart.  It just means that the sadness etc… all outweigh any joy etc…far too much, too consistently.  If we are going to let go, move on, it is important you do so in a way that there is no bitterness etc… because it hurts us in the end.  Moving on and letting go can be done and whenever possible should be done in a way that leaves the attitude of “though we can’t have a relationship, bless you and I wish you well, even healing for both our sakes.”