Music and Autism

As we know, music can be quite powerful in lifting us up, creating nostalgia, recalling memories of times past.  For those with autism, and alzheimer’s  even those of us who need to get out of a funk, certain songs can have a soothing effects.  When I recently had surgery I was then given a meditation to listen to and it was very helpful.  Why?  Why do particular songs, meditations with particular music have a calm etc.. effect?  

It’s to do with neuroscience, and how it stimulates etc.. the brain. and recall, how the brain responds to things.  Music, beats, frequency can have an effect on the chemical stuff going on in the brain, and will impact emotions, taking us from sad to happy, and decrease pain.  it can also serve as a way to help us process loss, anxiety in a way that the body perhaps interprets as less threatening.  It also stimulates creativity via impacting the brainwaves, so that the side of the brain that deals with the creative, artistic is stimulated.  Certain music such as instrumental will give a certain type of boost, as will certain songs, those we love most, enjoy the most.  Classical music is a great boost if you are looking to enhance your mathematical inclinations and cognitive skills.  Yes, music has a strong entertainment factor, but at the same time, but they also can serve a purpose of healing in many ways, even babies as young as five months can distinguish different types of music and music sounds, and lullabies, parent’s voices singing those can have a very calming effect on a baby.  The arts, music and other forms of art are powerful in how they interact with the brain, and the brain waves.  Life is full of amazing and wonderful things if we are open to it.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen