Musings of the Day

Senator Hirono decided to school 8th graders on their abortion rights and abortion under attack.  If this weren’t so sick, ti would be just plain sad.  Think about the state of our society, the deterioration as in the Days of Noah, about how there are those who are seeking to teach kindergarten children about the LGBT lifestyle, transgender etc.. and then we wonder where those like “I am Jazz” get their dysphoria from?  Children and youth are our most precious resources, yet what are we doing?  As a society, and in the realm of education, it seems indoctrinating for loss of all moral boundaries, loss of any sense of life being sacred and there be sacred boundaries in all things.  Think of that permeating every aspect of our youth, their life, their psyche etc.. and what that does to society, such as late term abortion and infanticide being pushed by politicians and Planned Parenthood etc..?  What does all this say about humanity? What does it say about our society?  People keep going to the law to fix society, looking to the law, legislation, thinking banning abortion for example is going to change things, when in reality that is simply putting a bandaid on the issue of genocide of the unborn and with allowing for killing the baby after birth as well won’t really solve the core issue.  The core issue is the hearts and minds of people, everyone and what is their mindset, what is in their heart, soul, their spirit even.  I would love to think that simply passing laws banning abortion will solve anything long term.  What I would like to see is a society that is much more spiritual, much more in tune with scriptural truths, core morals, ethics etc.. and values life as sacred and precious, including those in the womb.  For that we have to have changes in our education system, family structure, creating solid and strong family structures for the long term and we have to offer those in difficult situations, as a faith community, the resources, support long term so they can keep their child or have plenty of people ready to adopt, very carefully screened.  Those agencies engaged in adoption, faith based ones, can not be told whom they will serve, what segment of society, as their religious freedom must be respected.  

The deterioration of our society was shown by a hacking into my instagram account, my being added to a group that was spewing thing more than profanities, insults and crude sexual exchanges.  I never signed up to be part of that group, wouldn’t, but the language of the group, and then their response to me when I said whoever added me, remove me was disgusting, and you had young and not so young in this group.  All the artwork, great stuff done on that site down the drain, as I have been getting added to these awful groups by I assume a hacker and I have to wonder what the hell we have done to our youth and a whole generation that they are deplorable in their mindset, expressions etc.. and it seems commonplace, which is the scary part for our society.  Technology and social media has potentials to really help society, but when you have created a generation or two of people with no self discipline, no moral boundaries, lines, ethics, no respect for life, authority etc.., that does not bode well for us as a society holistically, as it seems we are in the Days of Noah once again and that truly is sad and sickening.