Musings on Faith Journey

I am drawn to Judaism, yet accept Yeshua as my personal Messiah, realized he practiced Reform Judaism, but I am a firm Conservative.  I reached out to synagogues,even My Jewish Learning Chabbad, explained my being drawn to Judaism, being a Haddassah member, my limited financials due to being on SSDI and have received no response, even from follow up emails so far,  I have however been invited to apply for a chance to be chosen to go to Rome to be part of an important Catholic group, and study.    I keep having to ask myself why drawn to Judaism, why? It keeps coming back to, it’s the tradition that Jesus grew up in.  I have not found a way yet to embrace Catholicism, my heritage, my Italian Heritage, that aspect of it, with who Yeshua was in his human life, living the Jewish faith.  I guess I assume if I become a Jewish woman, deeply spiritual, practicing Reform or Conservative Jewish woman I will do so.  Here is the thing I have reached out to the Jewish synagogues etc.., but so far they have said “no thanks” to me.  Maybe it’s time I found a way to reconcile my Catholic faith, that part of my Italian heritage with Jesus and the faith He grew up with.  I believe that God gives us guidance and Haddassah, welcoming with open arms, but synagogues, facing a wall, and there might be a reason.  Maybe it’s time to revisit the Roman Catholic faith.  I can still stand with Israel and love Jesus strongly, and since the Mass incorporates aspects of Jewish prayer service, still honor who He was faith wise.  This reconciliation needs to take place and I need to find a way to make it happen for my own inner truth and peace.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen