Musings On Laws and Hearts

First off, let me say I am staunchly Pro-life.  I am love the world Pro-Choice because it is not really accurate, especially if: 1. The father of the child has no say in what happens 2. the unborn child has no voice, no say, no one to speak for him or her 3. The Planned Parenthood or such centers do not do full disclosure in terms of what will be done to that child growing inside of the woman, all the risks, that means physical, emotional, and psychological, even years later and 4. The woman, the couple even is not given every alternative and we do not create every possible safe alternative so the child is kept with he parents in a safe and heathy environment.  The world Pro-choice, to me, is the wrong word to use.  Technically, since life begins at conception as science says, and considering how the child in later stage abortions is torn limb from limb or killed with acid and other torturous methods, it really is Pro-homicide.  It’s really two views of things, Pro-Life, and Pro-Homicide and I know that seems harsh, but it is the truth.  Some will say it’s just semantics, well no, not really.  

What about the law, what about a total ban on abortion and severe penalties for doctors and those having abortions?  Here is the thing, laws don’t really change human behavior, they may restrain it somehow or drive the deviant behavior underground, as happened with Prohibition, so the law alone is not going to change people being irresponsible sexually, human trafficking and pregnancies, along with forced abortions, disregard for human life, thus rape, incest.  I am not saying we should allow tax payer money to be used for abortion, we should never use people’s tax dollars to fund homicide of an innocent.  We must also work on changing human hearts, spirits and souls, through meditation, prayer and whatever spiritual tools we have to reach humanity and create a very different mindset.  We also have to work on businesses bing much more family and mom friendly, schools as well for those who end up in those situations.  Laws don’t change the heart , spirit the soul, they don’t change the mindset, the behavior patterns in and through the heart, spirit and soul.  Laws are necessary to have an orderly society, no doubt, but when it comes to social ills, such as abortion, homicide of a forming life in the womb, banning alone is not going to deter reckless pregnancies etc… Remember when Jesus said that if you lusted in your heart you were guilty of adultery, well yeah, he was telling us basically that it all starts in the heart, then it filters to the spirit and the soul.  What has to change is the haart of mankind, and their reckless behavior.  Unless we work to change that, no amount of laws will save the unborn child in the womb.  There is much work to be done and it goes way beyond passing laws, way beyond that.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen