Musings On…

I love the oxymorons and hypocrisy of humanity, not love it, but the sheer theatre and stupidity of it is “huh?” and “WTH?” “Seriously?”.  Take reproductive rights, love that one, and woman’s right to choose, and women’s health.  Reproductive, reproduce is part of that correct, and now correct me if I am wrong, and this goes for those in the judiciary also, but doesn’t it take two to reproduce, man and woman?  Yet all the rights on choice, reproduction etc… are given only to the woman, and the man, that human being forming in the womb have zero rights.  Now, call me Ishmael as they say, but that to me seems quite a hypocrisy and frankly moronic, makes no sense.  How do we expect men to step up, be responsible adults  no snowflakes, if we don’t make them part of the decision making process and honor their wishes as much as we do the woman’s?  Politicians also make me laugh till I tinkle and with me these days that’s pretty easy to do.  They moan and groan about women’s health, then they go and pass laws that say, do abortions right up to the due date, and hey don’t have to be a doctor to do this, yeah, real smart, caring about women’s health, woo hoo!  Seriously, can someone please explain how we humans can be do dumb, though we have had brilliance in history in the likes of DaVinci, Keats, Frost and so many others?  I don’t get it.  It’s an oxymoron through and through.  If you put this together with the whole notion of there is no objective truth in the universe , governing the universe, or morals, or behavior, gender etc…, and you see the state of the world, you see a corrolation between stupidity and yikes how  the world gets so screwy.  Even without belonging to any organized religion, even just as a student of the Metaphysical Sciences, there are universals laws of governance, initially 7 basic ones were identified and that was then expanded to 12 overall arching Spiritual laws and 21 sub-laws, and 7 philosophical laws, then that was expanded to 108 Wisdom Principles.  Where metaphysics and religion diverse is on Evil, the nature of Evil and also Sin.  

That’s a whole  other musing.  I just find it hilarious at times and other other times tragic to the unborn, to our society at large etc..this hppyocricy that we humans seem to exhibit so regularly.  People can have an epiphany, change course etc.., genuinely do so, but that is not the same as hypocrisy, saying you are for example fighting for equality and then forcing people to violate their Constitutional Rights and their faith beliefs, or saying you are defending woman’s health, but you are going to allow un unsuccessfully aborted child to die on the table, or anyone but a licensed, vetted doctor to perform that procedure?  That’s hypocrisy, like those who volunteer 20 hours a week for the church or temple, never miss a prayer service, but then are bad mouthing everyone all the time or feel themselves so superior to all the rest of the congregants, or that their family is so far better than the rest of the congregation.  Politicians who say they are guided by their Christian etc.. faith, by scripture and yet are all gung ho about late term abortions etc…, again “huh?” “WTH?” “Seriously?” OY!  I just don’t get how we can have a history of geniuses within humanity and at the same time such stupidity, amazing, absolutely amazing!

Oy! and triple Oy!