When we have a strong connection with someone that is immediate, electrifying, where as an empath you can pick up what is going on with them even though you are not in direct contact.  I have had the fortune of having such a connection and it still continues, a  spiritual, creative connection.  I don’t know if this connection will ever go beyond the connection of spirit and soul, why at times it seems to fade out, then comes back strong again, but it is a gift.  Often we get into these fantasies about how things and life ought to be, how they ought to unfold.   I realize that rather than insisting that it all be as I wish, play out as I wish, and let it all flow.  I love that I have such a connection as this, that I can connect on this level, sense what is going on with them, be even through almost telepathy or soul connection be inspired in the creative realm.  However things with this connection play out over time, I hope this connection will get deeper, not fade even with not being in day to day interaction at present.  It’s such a gift to have connections that are deep on that level, and I have to trust that with my prayers, general violet flame prayers and prayers for shift in my life and union with a true soulmate, twin flame, that if this connection is that twin flame, the universe will bring it all together.  Connections like this have lots of potential, but on a wing and a prayer is not really the way to have a long term solid connection.  I have to trust the universe, get my life together and be grateful of however this all plays out.  I know my truest heart path is to empower and inspire through this hub and through the arts.  One of my wishes in life is to unite in partnership creative, and/or personal with someone who has a creative streak and with whom I have a connection really deep that I can sense what is going on, be inspired by them creatively, share a worldview with on some level.  I will keep doing my thing, improving my life etc.. and pray the Violet Flame and other key prayers, meditating on those and being open to however God wants to shape things up etc.. for my life.  I can do my thing, see and sense what I do about the world, my own life, the other person and keep moving forward with the faith that the universe will take away from my life connections that are not meant to be and bring in fully those that are meant to be, that are good for me and the other person.  Life must move forward I realize that, so that is what I will do, nurturing this etherial connection, pretty much etherial at this point, and allow God to do his thing.  I trust God to like I said remove connections that do not serve my and their greater good and bring in fully those that do.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen