My Biggest Regret

As I look back at my life, there are so many Paris’s.  There are things God had put in my heart to accomplish and each time I started, took a step and then fear of failing, of not being good enough, which comes from childhood stuff that I have discussed in other posts, would come up to the surface.  That fear would then take over, those insecurities, all that could go wrong and I wouldn’t finish the journey.  Even in terms of relationships and committing to a community of faith, really engaging fully, fear held me back that I wasn’t enough, talented enough, that not enough held me back.  It is only now that I am starting to realize that I must embrace the fear and push through it to do what I am meant to do.  I hope that there aren’t too many missed Paris moments in your life and if there are that you can now actually visit Paris and realize your dreams, goals.