My First Day On The Wellness Path/Gym

soaring eagle

Today was my first day working with my personal trainer, Shaka, over at Crunch.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I woke up feeling ugghhh, with a bit of nausea, allergies still bothering me.  The session was really good.  We started out with an intake of my medical history, some sense of where I was any goal I had.  We then did some basic movement and range testing, and I found I couldn’t touch my toes, but I did manage to bend part way.  Then the muscle stretch started using a foam roller, which I will be ordering to be able to exercise at home. We discusses also acupuncture and massage therapy, best place in my area to go. 

The actual exercising itself, what of that.  The goal was just to work on one side lower body area, so we worked on the right side, muscles from the ankle all the way to the hip.  I have to say that i did feel better after the exercises, my body didn’t feel as ugghhh. Why is that?  Energy, movement of energy, you see how we pick up static, sometimes you’ll see light coming from your fingers etc.., well why do you think that is.  We are energy, so when the energy, due to emotions, trauma etc.. is stuck, we feel stuck, our lives get stuck, we get stuck in certain emotions.  We may not have dealt with emotions, think we have, but we haven’t.  As I train, get the acupuncture, massage etc…, stuff will come up, stuff l may have thought I resolved, but didn’t and will have to be healed.  It’s worth it, worth it to be whole, to be able to be the best me possible.  If I am going to fulfill my calling, then I need to be in a good place, feel myself in a good place.I look forward to my journey to full wellness, which is a process. 

Shalom and Amen