My Journey From Religion To Spirituality

From Religion to Spirituality, Thank You Yeshua

As I make my journey in life as a Biblical Christian, I am finding that there is a real difference between legalistic religiosity and true heart, body, spirit and soul.  There is a depth of understanding of God, of humanity, choice, natural order, many things that you uncover layer after layer that comes from understanding that you are co-author of your life, with the creator to some degree, when you are old enough to truly be responsible for your choices and decision, the age of accountability, which is what Genesis and the Garden are all about at the core. 

On a personal level it’s about What choices you make, and are they driven simply by instant gratification or an alignment of heart, body, spirit and soul.   Is it just lust, greed etc.. or way beyond of that which is driving your choices?  The answer to that question is key to everything.  What was Jesus trying to teach everyone?  What had he understood from the Torah, his learning and his prayer development and being the begotten Son of Light, having grown in stature and pleasing to the Father in full communion with him and angelic hosts? Jesus and those who in some sense understood him, understood that spirituality is not an outward thing, it’s an inward journey, and about connection inwardly with the Father, the flame and cleansing fire of the Father, the Creator, Elohim/Yahweh, and overcoming the base animal reactive patterns of destruction that humans initiated in the beginning that have permeated into the earth and damaged the earth and society, including death, dis-ease and so much crap.  It seems that today people want preachers that move them to tears and put on big emotional shows, do theatrics, but Jesus tells us to beware of them wolves in sheep clothing because connecting to Elohim/Yahweh is about an quiet inward journey, and even in fellowship, and even if there is music and such, it should be something that is dignified and sacred, beautiful, not some big circus. 

Jesus demonstrated real spirituality when He washed His disciples’ feet and then taught them about serving one another.   Spirituality is about telling the ego to take a hike and really doing what you love in service to humanity, just it because it is the vocation you were given and trust that the abundance, prosperity all of it will come.  You do what you were meant to do because it is what you were given to do in service to humanity, not because it’s going to make you rich, but because it’s what was placed in your heart, what you were chosen for.  Not to say you let yourself be a doormat, no way and you do have to have boundaries, and Jesus did.  When they demanded signs he said no, you don’t tell Yahweh or me when to give signs, take a hike, EGO, not happening. When a people see no difference between the way Christians conduct themselves and the way nonbelievers do, there is a compelling argument against the Christian system. Why does this happen?. The answer is that many who claim to be Christians are religious, but we are not spiritual. There is a huge practical difference.

I am realizing that I may have been religious in my life but not always truly spiritual and the more I meditate and pray and really look at David, Solomon, and  Jesus I realize I need to get straight the difference between the two. I really do need to realize the difference between love the sinner, even if you don’t accept the sin and a few other things.  I also need to get out of the religion game and understand that at the end of the day I am a Metaphysical Biblical Philosopher who absolutely embraces Jesus as the Begotten Son of Light of Elohim, and Messiah who saves from Mechanical Legalistic Religiosity and brings those who truly want to understand to fullness of spirituality, for all.

Shalom and Amen