My New Habit Realization -Progress?



I have started the goal of being more informed about and aware of my faith.  How is that going?  I found a great study for me to study and grow in my Christian faith.  The commitment to study, listen to the lessons consistently has been a bit wobbly.  I decided to start with the study of the Creed because the Creed is the great summing up and condensing of our faith, especially the Apostles Creed.  I am aiming to get better at it, to be more consistent with the studies, daily basis, and also to consistently attend prayer sets at Life Center Church.   The fibromyalgia and not so great health stuff the past few weeks have not helped, but on the days I have felt well, I have made it a point to study, to learn, to pray.   I realize that it is important to anchor it on an old habit and I have always loved listening to faith based music and such on youtube, so my love of understanding the faith, of seeking true understanding and theology of the faith is not new.   I am building on established habit, that included prayer, as I have recorded a meditation that is faith based, Christ based, which I listen to in bed several times a night and at least once when I wake up.  Building on a foundation of some kind, is important.  I will keep you posted.