My Path Forward

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I realize that God intended for us to be a light and that though it is important to be able to pay the bills and all that,  though if you have extra to live a comfry life, travel a bit to learn , see outside your world, invest for later in life, I find myself thinking about my path.

Personally, I want to be in a great community of people, people who can share my journey of Torah learning, and the arts, teaching. I seek a life partner who is going to have a deep connection to me and I to him heart body spirit soul, on so many levels, mutually, and where mutually we will be the best of friends, can banter, debate, even maybe disagree, but at the end of the day love each other always.  I seek someone that the bond is so deep, that we inspire each other so much, give so much joy to each other in the like journey we make, and in so many ways that fidelity and loyalty are a given every day 24/7.  I am meditating this kind of union coming into my life, a man coming forward into my life that has that same wish for such a union.  I know that person is out there, they just have to come forward into my life, but I know it may not be by my timing, but by that of He who knows the best timing.  Meantime I meditate on that person coming forward, all issues being sorted that need sorting, boldly, courageously, fearlessly coming forward free and clear.  This is one of the gifts I have asked for for Rosh Hashanna and will meditate on receiving.

Vocation wise, where do I go?  I will be working with the artist group in the synagogue on spoken word performance and will be focusing on performance poetry for the most part, my own original stuff and public domain material.  Then the in depth coaching.  I really want to help others to find their wings to fly.  The other aspect of my path will be promoting the in-depth coaching, providing material and in formats that will benefit the maximum number of people via google plus and google hangout.  I want to help people really find their path, make transitions and so much more, adding the spiritual component to it that is I think an important part of life.  My hope is to bring reflection and so much more through the arts and through in-depth coaching.  Learning to lead, and so much more will be part of my journey in the synagogue, a place I am already learning.  I look forward to this path and I know I may have some who don’t fully support it, and that’s okay, it’s those who do that count.  I also hope that person as I have described, that union as I have described also comes into my life, so I can share it with that special person, including my path of Judaism.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen