My Purpose?


What is my purpose for being here?  Seems God did give me an inclination to the creative, to writing and I love recording projects, so what is my purpose?  Is there a core path I am to take to achieve that, besides Judaism as my faith?  These are all important questions to ask myself.  What is the answer?  

I realize it is teaching and inspiring through the arts.  That is a broad broad goal perhaps, yet it is not.   The arts have a way of impacting perhaps like no other, so I am meditating that I am able to be a great teacher and inspiration through the arts while also earning my living. I also realized that maybe I should record groups of songs according to theme.  The themes could be romance, love, love lost, nature, faith, relationships.  There are any number of themes I could record and while I make my journey of conversion to Judaism, I am still under the umbrella of Christianity, technically,  I can use song to explain my journey to Judaism and even my journey through fibromyalgia, relationships.  There is so much poetry and song can get across.  I am also realizing that if I wait for the perfect time for everything I will never do what has to be done to move my life forward and to a new level.  I am not going to wait for this, but will start recording in groups, for example Holiday the theme I will put forth ASAP.  It will feature my own material spoken word and even a holiday favorite of mine or two.  In terms of it sounding perfect, doesn’t have to, just has to sound from the heart.  Even if my allergies are making my voice sound less than perfect, doesn’t matter.  Success is doing what you truly understand the creator is calling you to do.  That is my goal and my joy.

Shalom and Amen