My Thanksgiving Reflection


As I look to Thanksgiving and listen to Carols of the season, have dinner with mum, these two quotes I hope will come to my mind:  “If the only prayers in your life was (thank you), that would be sufficient.”  and “It is not happy people that are thankful, but thankful people that are happy.” 

Is everything in my life where and how I wish it were? No.  Ideally, I would have my own space, my own indoor recording corder with great equipment to record, be earning a very comfy living as an artist and blogger, while also being of great inspiration to others.  I would be rid of the fibromyalgia, have the resources to live a completely homeopathic, naturopathic, healthy living lifestyle, as fully so as possible.  I wouldn’t be tired all the time because of the fibro, but would be doing lots of things like I used to.  My mom would have a comfy place because I would revamp the coop for her, make it nicer, my gift to her, make sure she is always well taken care of, but I would have my own place, space.  That is not the ideal I have right now.  I could mope and get all sad and depressed etc.., but how would that help me ever get to the point of this ideal? How would I have any clarity to do that?  For example I was able to analyze patterns with my youtube channel to see which kinds of videos got the most hits, so now I know to focus on those types of pieces and works.  If I were angry, depressed etc.. I would be too blinded by those negative emotions to even think to do that.  Same with my blog, I wouldn’t have the clarity to ask you what kinds of posts that I have posted are you most drawn to that you would like to see more of?  You can tell me by filling out the online contact form.   

This Thanksgiving I can choose to be ungrateful for what I don’t have or look and say ok I don’t have my ideal yet but what can I be grateful for? Well let’s see hmmm

  • My faith, gifts, talents
  • Awesome friends, and my mom
  • Awesome fellow bloggers and followers
  • Being an artist and blogger, doing what I love
  • Opportunities that are arising for me to showcase my works
  • All abundance and prosperity given to me from the Lord includes food and shelter

I choose to be thankful, to not see what is missing, what I don’t have, but rather what I do have and it’s pretty good.  I know that God will add the rest in his time, though soon I do hope.