My Vision For Soulmate and Vocation


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I have thought about this a lot lately, what life with my soulmate would look like, while also what will support and compliment my artistic path.  

Life with my soulmate looks something like this.  We both have an artistic path we are on, and both of us have this new life thing going on, entering a new life thing going on maybe, and are both ready to realize our dreams, full potential, not be put into boxes by others.  We have a similar worldview, even if there might be points of divergence, but overall we have a similar worldview.  We both have the notion of living near the city, but maybe not quite in the city, yet someplace, has all the shopping etc….conveniences of the city, and is not far from it.  We both have overcome fears and are ready to fully engage in the dance of life, of deep, creative, spiritual love of life etc…We are both secure in ourselves that we can pursue unity and union on a variety of levels, and still give each other space to be individuals.  We are a great team creatively, on so many levels, even in regards to coaching others.  We are always loyal and true to each other, always, and are each other’s muse, inspiration on a daily basis along with our spirituality for all things in life.  Our days are spent creating, and enjoying life, as well as each other, friendships forged together, so many wonderful things.  That is what life with my soulmate looks like, and I hope we will come together, begin this amazing journey that inspires us, and also is an example, inspiration for others as well.  That is what I wish for as an individual and also in union with the person who is my soulmate, my creative etc… soulmate.   Creative can be creative in any number of ways in terms of we can be of great inspiration to each other, share a strong common spiritual life, in terms of values.  Creative can mean a number of things.  I also envision a soulmate connection that is empathic, intuitive and where there is a great energy between us, where when we were to be intimate, it would be very tender, sweet, as well as passionate.  We  truly appreciate each other, each other’s gifts, talents etc…  I think I have connected to such a soulmate already.  Time will soon tell if they agree.  

As for my vocational path, I have to follow my instincts and my instincts tell me to focus on the life and spiritual coaching and spoken word as much as I can, as well as songs in Italian.  There has to be a reason for my instincts to be strongly telling me that, so I will listen to those instincts.  I have gotten strong positive feedback on my spoken word performance, seems to really touch people, so that might be why my spirit, the Holy Spirit, instinct are saying focus on that and for the Italian part, well I think I know why, but till will soon tell on that one.  I hope to have more spoken word pieces up soon.  I am working on posting material to my coaching site on google as well, so I can have several pieces posted in the next two weeks.