Nation, Like a House Foundation, Layers

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.
Liberal Progressives hate it when anyone tries do bring up the Declaration of Independence, the Christian roots of our nation, they are livid and hate it. However, a house is built on foundation and beams to stand, so is a nation. Why does the Declaration matter? It matters for a few reasons.
We were an example to other nations of breaking away, of freedom, of refusing to accept tyranny and oppression. Today’s youth think they have oppression when they don’t the idiots, and if they had lived through what my mom did under fascism and my family in Argentina did, they would know, but they don’t. They are ignorant and clueless about so much. It also justified the right of a populace to revolt if the government was being truly tyrannical, like Castro, Stalin and the likes, with gulags and torturer come get you in the middle of the night kind of thing, journalists poisoned if they did not print what the government said to print, caused extreme sustained economic hardship through recklessness, this kind of stuff, real oppression. It gave clarity to the fact that our rights, our civil duties etc.. do not come from mankind, but from God, the Creator, and all are subject to that above all, to the natural laws of God, even those who govern. It made clear that the government is only there by consent and will of the people, it is an employee of the people, there to serve the greatest good of the people as a creation of the creator and for them to fulfill their potential. It established the fact that we even have rights at all civic or otherwise. It is the foundation for the house that is the United States of America, for what comes next, which is the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
Signed on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence is considered the birthday of our nation. It helped shape some of the amendments of our Constitution revered because without it, the United States of America may not have ever come to exist. Why put in that our rights self evidently come from the Creator? If you look at the initial state constitutions, you can see why. The Charter of Liberties and Frame of Government of the Province of Pennsylvania (1681) begins by making it clear that God has ordained government, and it even quotes Romans 13 to this effect. Article 38 of the document lists “offenses against God” that may be punished by the magistrate, t least nine of the 13 colonies had established churches, and all required officeholders to be Christians—or, in some cases, Protestants. Quaker Pennsylvania, for instance, expected officeholders to be “such as possess faith in Jesus Christ.”[12]. In addition, the Declaration text references “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” and closes by “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world” and noting the signers’ “reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” The Founders’ use of Christian rhetoric and arguments becomes even more evident if one looks at other statements of colonial rights and concerns such as the Suffolk Resolves, the Declaration of Rights, and the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms—to say nothing of the dozen explicitly Christian calls for prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving issued by the Continental and Confederation Congresses.[15]. Foundations are there for God and Country, for a spiritual and Biblical basis of law making and the birth of our Republic.
Those foundations then brought forth the frame of our Constitution and Bill of Right with the first right being Freedom of Religion, not of Church Attendance, but broadly Freedom of Religion and the only separation clause is to make sure the Government never interferes with the basic tenets of the church and the exercise of it in day to day life, same with persons, including businesses owners. The Declaration is a most important document, the flag a most important symbol, etc.., not to be discarded or dismissed.